Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My word - has it been two weeks already! Time has flown although looking at the boxes still left to be unpacked you would have thought we had only got here yesterday. Due to lack of broadband at the house, my entries to this journal have been sporadic and for that I apologise. From here on in it should be much better. Not because we have internet access at the farm now, but just because I seem to be in more of a routine and am beginning to get a handle on being able to juggle more than one thing at a time.

The house is now a home of sorts. It can be quite cosy at times, although the bedroom walls are permanently damp and I seem to have picked up a cold. 'Scraggy' the chimney sweep came and swept our one and only working chimney last week. Definitely a Gloucestershire character. Long grey and black hair with a beard and kind eyes, Scraggy was a thin chap with a leather hat with pheasent feathers sticking out of it. I met him as he pulled up outside the house to which his greeting was 'Oh my, whoever built this house built it in the cider season because it's so pissed!!' The precarious chimney just about survived a good cleaning, only one brick fell off the top as the brush saw daylight. The amount of soot that came out was horrendous but at least accounts for the blackened walls in the sitting room - no smoke would have ever made it to the top with that amount in. But at least we can have roaring log fires now, which helps immensely with my feeling of well being. Even the sound of the wind howling and rain pounding through the windows is do-able as long as it is accompanied by the hiss and spit of an open log fire.

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