Sunday, 7 November 2010

Such a lot has happened at the farm recently yet we both still feel as if we are running in treacle.    Autumn is displaying it’s fantastic colours with the yellow, golds and reds of the trees and summer is but a distant memory.     In movie terms summer is the bit where a song has been playing normally but then turns echoie and fainter – if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please don’t worry –  it was a good enalogy in my head, but putting it down on paper somehow looses it’s effect!

Fireworks have just gone off nearby – the first I’ve head this year and Millie,our black lab, is searching for a safe spot.   The only trouble is that the dogs  have a friend over on a two week sleep over and in order to keep the peace I am feeding them apart.    I have put Geoffrey, our cocker spaniel house guest, in the office where Millie likes to hide under the church pews.    It’s either there she likes to hide or the loo but I’ve closed the door on that one!    All in all, it’s probably not the best weekend to dog sit.    Olly is away until Sunday, it’s bonfire night and Millie is on heat – I couldn’t have planned it any worse if I tried!     However, everyone has been walked and fed and are, fireworks aside, settling in for the evening.    Geoffrey, in particular, has made him self very much at home!

The pigs arrived last week and are settling in well.    They seem to be very different from the last lot and can’t decide whether that’s due to the fact we’ve got them in a different season, the bleakness of Autumn compared with the optimism of Spring,  my memory is just a little rose tinted from the first lot or whether, in fact, it could be like children.    Someone I know, for example, had the most wonderful first baby – slept from day one, always smiling and gurgling at everyone, so much so , she thought the whole motherhood thing was a complete doddle.    Baby number two however, was the baby from hell.   Always screaming, never slept, just screamed.    All day.   I am not saying that these pigs are pigs from hell – far from it, they are absolutely lovely.    But, and this is where I think it maybe my memory, I am sure the first lot didn’t create quite so much destruction in such a short space of time, and I am sure that within a week they were rolling over to have their bellies scratched rather than flinching everytime I touch them.     The new lot do come when I call them, however, so we are getting there and I am sure in time they will come to know us a lot better.    As a group I have decided to call them the ‘Piggilie Diggilies’ as opposed to the ‘Piggilie Squiggilies’ that was the last lot.    This is mainly due to their attempts to dig to Australia from our back orchard.    I cannot believe that this is the orchard that I was once so precious about I wouldn’t let anyone else mow it for fear of cocking it up.    Oh, how times have changed!!    I still do mind and do care about it a lot but it is good to have the pigs close to the house over winter, just in case the water pipe freezes and I have to lug watering cans to their water trough.    And, I keep convincing myself that they are doing a good thing.   By turning over the back orchard I can then plant it all with beautiful meadow grasses and wild flowers such as poppies and cornflowers, as well as the lovely buttercup and it will be even more beautiful than before.   You can’t make an omlette without breaking a few eggs and by the end of Spring it will be wonderful there.

The Stables are nearly finished.   I say nearly.   They have been nearly finished for weeks.  It’s driving us both absolutey mad and we are trying our best not to take our frustrations out on each other.    Two weeks, I reckon, and then we are there.    It’s just so difficult having contractors constantly around and not being able to get on until they are finished.     We have, however, found a brilliant company who are being fab and really helping with the final push.    JAB Construction are fantastic and to boot, it’s owner is a friend of ours.    That along with Wayne who has been fantastic with his company Soils we have really found our feet.   

I started this blog on Friday 5th November and it’s now Sunday the 7th.   The weekend has been mainly spent painting the stables and taking the dogs for walks, and I have to say, I am absolutely knackered!    Over the next few days I am looking after 3 dogs, four pigs, ten chickens and 21 ducks and one cat which when you write it down doesn’t seem that much but when it comes to feeding time, it’s an ice cream headache!   Especially as they are spread over two separate sites!  Don’t know why that should tire me out though – we want to build up the livestock on the farm to much more than that!

This weekend has been trying in a few other ways too.    I am always of the assumption that if something is going to go wrong it will go wrong when Olly is away!  And generally, I'm right!   On Saturday, I got into the Stables to start painting only to discover a wet patch on the ceiling in the kitchen.   After investigation of the bathroom above, I find that the plumber had not tightented the pipes on the loo or the sink and both had been leaking.    I will not start my assult on the building trade because, quite frankly, you have heard it all before.   I am just aggog at the fact that so many tradesmen can continue to survive as sole traders when they do such a crap job and swagger around as if they are the one doing you a favour!!  Wish I'd known this when I was at school - I would have become a plumber, or sparky and wiped the floor with the rest of them purely by caring about my work and having the decentcy to not throw my discarded lunch waste on the floor or leave my fag ash in the sink.....  oooohhhh..... here I go again..   I will stop and .... b r e a t h...    But just one last one.   The lovely window man who is taking an age to get the windows finished, came down today to change the lock on the door.    Brilliant.   Lovely.   Clearly showing his committment to the job by working on a Sunday and had both the doors off and gone by 8am.   I didn't ask him to work on a Sunday, but jolly impressed that he did.    He was back at 4.30pm to put the doors back on.   Also brilliant.   I was working in the Stables at the time, painting upstairs.   Doors where put on but without a handle on the inside.....  you know where I'm going with this, don't you!....  Anyway, window man left saying that he'll just leave the door open a bit so I could get out..... But he didn't... So now, I'm pissed off with the plumber, have been painting all weekend, have three dogs all barking for their supper in the main house, I have chickens to put away on two separate properties, and I am locked in to the Stables by the window man who should have been finished by mid July.    Not only that but I have to disturb friend on a Sunday evening to come and let me out the Stables.

Lastly, I leave you a picture of Gloria which I love.    Gloria is truely believeing that the Stables is her new home and keeps on going in for a little look.    When it turns into a holiday let, I would like to think that Gloria will be one of the attractions.   Anyway, she still likes to run with the duck and geese and this head shot of her was taken on Friday morning.    I took it because it looks like she's gone all Goth with her makeup hence reinforcing my tranny image.    We must remember, she is, of course, a cockeral!!

I am sure there is so much more I should be saying, but I just can’t think what it is.  It's Sunday.  I’m tired and all painted out…. And my gorgeous husband is delayed coming home until tomorrow.     Rubbish!   I’m off to bed….  xx