Thursday, 19 May 2011

WOW!! I have just been up to the fruit cage to pick our first crop of strawberries. Not a lot in number, I admit, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in shed loads in flavour – they are possibly the best strawberries I have EVER tasted – and believe me I’ve been through a few! Obviously there is a certain amount of bias in this tasting but I have to say they are truly delicious!

They have reduced dramatically in number since the photo was taken!!

My first ever strawberries

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Life sure does get busy when Spring comes around! Seeds to be sown, pigs to be fed, eggs to be collected, grass to be mown, flowers to be planted. It’s all nice stuff though so you don’t seem to mind!
The Cow Shed is coming on a pace. We should, fingers crossed, have most of it finished by the end of this month which would be lovely. We’ve decided to take a break after that for the rest of the year and just have the farm to ourselves for a while, which will be great. Although the builders have been fantastic, it will be nice not to have them around for a bit. It is going to be a lovely building and a real joy to work in. The builders have done a really good job.

The ducks going in front of the builders van - notice the builders dog inside looking very bemused!!
We had two new arrivals at the weekend. Two gorgeous Gloucester Old Spot piglets have now joined the Park Mill Farm family. I have to say, they are the most friendly pigs I have ever met. Within ten minutes I had one of them asleep on my lap, positioned just so a belly scratch could be accommodated! We have acquired a proper pig sty for them too which is far too big for them at the moment. Yesterday, I got in there with them and it was actually a really nice place to be. Whenever I want to hide from the world, I think that may be the spot where I’ll go!!
Being greeted by the pigs
Our new piglets!!