Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Oh my Goodness.... I was about to write a really depressing piece about how the farm has made us totally friendless.   Literally, I was poised at the keyboard when there was a very officious knock on the door.   It was our lovely Bee Man, Keith, who looks after 6 hives on the farm who came laidened with our share of this years honey harvest.  16lbs in total.   I've never tasted honey that was made where I live before.   This honey is from the bees I see everyday, that feed from the flowers I've sown.   And it is bloody awesome!   As soon as Keith had left I hurried to the kitchen; stuck on the kettle and hacked off a chunk of lovely fresh bread from the bakers and shoved it into the toaster.   Not being able to wait long enough for the kettle to boil or the bread to toast, I hacked off another bit of bread, cracked open a jar from the harvest and dived straight in.    O.   M.   G.    Divine!    My depression that has settled over me over the last week or so was instantly lifted and my soul, once again, sung.    They ought to prescribe this stuff on the NHS.   Keith wants to add more hives to the farm, of which I have no objection to whatsoever.    If this is the result then we can be 'covered in bees' (has to be said in stylie of Eddie Izzard) for all I care.

So I'll leave my depressing piece for another time, you lucky people.    You have that to look forward to.  

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