Thursday, 1 October 2015

Bad day made good..

I’m having a shit day.     For reasons I can’t go into on here, life is not going exactly as planned.  It’s obviously not shit, shit... you know, I’ve got three H’s: Health, Home and Husband but it’s just a little rubbish.   So I have done what any self respecting person would do in my position.  First, I went to The Edge Cafe in Wotton and ate cake.   Secondly, with not a cloud in the sky, I went home got in the truck and drove it as fast as I dare around the fields.... guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.  I don’t know what it is, but somehow, driving on grass is infinitely more fun than a road, if you add to that a bit of speed and a hidden bump, you have a divine recipe for a smile.   I am now in the middle of Buttercup Field, lying on a rug, typing this blog with the dog rolling around in the grass like a lune... b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.    Even better, my husband has just called to ask where I am as he’s got home early.   Maybe this day isn’t so bad after all!   Although, he did ask what I was doing, which means his perception of me not doing a stitch of work is only going to be magnified ten fold!

...... It is now an hour or so later and my husband, having an equally shit day, thought it might lift our spirits to go and watch Fiji vs Wales in the Rugby World Cup at the local pub.    As it’s such a nice day, we decided to watch it in the smokers bit outside which also has a television.  We brought our pints and sat down in front of a large TV screen under a wooden structure which totally reminded me of a bar in the Costa Del Sol... I’ve never been to a bar in the Costa Del Sol, but I can imagine, that if I had, this is what it would be like.   
Even better, we both have our laptops in front of us and are busy going through emails and other such business things (my husband) or writing shit that’s in my head (me).  As a result, we look like a couple of Yuppies, in a bar in Costa Del Sol.     I can’t actually remember what Yuppie stood for.... I think it was Young Up and coming Professional... which means I am not a Yuppie.    I am not young.   I’m not up and coming and I’m definitely not professional.   What would I be?  MUFF????   Middle aged, Unsure of Future, Female??    That could be misleading... not the full version but the acronym.   “Hi, I’m a MUFF!”   I’ll use that as a conversation starter at the next drinks party I go to and let you know how I get on.

Talking of drinks parties – we don’t go to that many anymore but used to in our last village (and hopefully again!).  If we were ever invited to a party where we didn’t know anyone, Olly and I would play a little game.  Before we left we picked 5 words for each other.   Mine for Olly might be, for example, “Venereal Disease, Moist, Snatch, Anorack.”   Olly would then have to, in front of me, incorporate all of the words into one conversation with the same person.   I know it doesn’t sound like fun, but it’s actually hilarious!  We didn’t make that many new friends at these parties mind you, which is one downfall.    In fact, my husband has just reminded me of a time we were invited to Reading and Leeds Festival by our lovely friends Emma and Gareth.   Just as we got through the gates, Olly got a call from the BBC saying they would like to interview him live on the Six O’Clock News.   He had to leave immediately to catch a train into London, buying a shirt and tie along the way (doesn’t matter what’s under the desk), but before he went, Gareth told him he had to get the word “moist” into the interview.   If you could ever look up that interview, (which a. You can’t and b. You really wouldn’t want to) you will see my husband smirk, ever so slightly, as he explains how rats need water.    He has also made it his personal challenge to mention the word “moist” in any interview, press release, public statement of any kind in honour of that day.

Well, that’s it from me.. it’s the second half and although I am sure the Welsh are going to win, I would like to cheer Fiji on for a little bit.   Until next time!!  xx

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